Dawn Bradley
Personal Development & Well-Being Consultant

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Imaginer that you can leave all past hurts behind you
Imagine that you can de-clutter your mind
Imagine that you can Overcome Fears and Phobias
Imagine that you can Overcome your Fear of Flying
Imagine that you can Overcome your Fear of Spiders
Imagine that you can Overcome your Fear of Heights
Imagine that you can Overcome your Fear of Public Speaking
Imagine that you can Stop Smoking
Imagine that you can Stop Overeating
Imagine that you can enjoy healthy food
Imagine that you can enjoy regular exercise
Imagine that you can achieve your hearts desires
Imagine that you can attract a loving partner into your life
Imagine that you can improve any Skill in Your Life

Now imagine that you can do ALL of this without the pain and trauma of counselling
Imagine that you can achieve all of this in just a couple of hours
Imagine that someone created a system that has no pain, yet works!
This system has been in existence since 1975, and it's called NLP

What is NLP?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a highly effective methodology for modeling excellence and creating change.

It is based on the principle that all behaviour has a structure and that this structure can be identified, learned and adapted to create specific outcomes.

NLP is the study of these patterns and is designed to add flexibility, effectiveness and more and better choices in your life.

If you consciously stand, move, talk and think like a happy person, your unconscious mind will work to enable you to move closer to optimum physical, mental and emotional health.

Dawn has trained with the best NLP trainers in the world:  Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna and Michael Neill.

Certified by Richard Bandler the creator of NLP and Paul McKenna, this globally respected certification is endorsed by the Society of NLP.

Dawn's NLP sessions can be further enhanced by the use of the The MindSpa Personal Development System? which utilises specific frequencies of auditory and visual stimulation to enhance and sharpen mental performance.

What issues can NLP techniques help with?
  • Master your own emotions and run your own mind
  • Gain confidence and motivation in a wide variety of situations
  • Access your unconscious learning ability at will
  • Change unwanted behaviours in yourself
    (Stop Smoking, Stop Overeating, Stop Swearing, Stop Panic Attacks)
  • Remove unnecessary fears and phobias
    (Spiders, Snakes, Heights, Flying...the list is endless)
  • Discover your true potential
  • Create better working and more satisfying emotional relationships
  • Improve your communication skills


Working through a self-help book is great, however some people find that if they combine this with the expertise of a trained professional, they get the results they desire much more quickly.


Dawn Bradley, Personal Development and Well-Being Consultant